FUJIAN NEWWAY TRADE Co.ltd is a roasted eel wholesale distributor located in china, . WE carries Unagi, sushi, sashimi full line items and frozen seafood products.

FUJIAN NEWWAY TRADE .Co.ltd It is a unagi manufacture direct wholesale company located in the china. We offer our customers to receive their valuable products with the best manufacture price.

With our “quality first” factory in China, we have introduced the top quality unagi in the Global market.

Our product is using a unique and special no-MSG sauce and private technical processing line to create the greatest quality unagi in the industry. From the breeding farms to production process, we equipped with a complete set of innovative equipment and precise inspections in accordance with HACCP safety and quality system.
We utilize the latest technology in our facilities and a comprehensive, professional management. Providing you, our customers. with excellent products and outstanding customer service is our highest goal.

We will make sure the quality of our products and strive to provide the finest sushi full line items to our customers. We maintain the long term partner relationship and work hard for the benefit of our partners and clients, Welcome the new customers to join us and create great future together.